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Arctic Presentation of the Iraqi Seed Project, Svalbard


The Iraqi Seed Project

Starting from 2009, two of ITF’s headline artists in ITF’s latest exhibition, Evolve/ Involve, Emma Piper-Burket and Anna Laurent, have been involved in a notable project : The Iraqi Seed Project, a cross-media dialogue about sustainable food production in Iraq. Piper-Burket and Laurent travelled to North Iraq to document the agricultural plight of farmers, with Piper-Burket producing a notable documentary still in progress, Jarmo, which investigates how humans have used the earth for survival, knowledge, power, and meaning throughout time and uses Northern Iraqi farmer’s plight as the example. In the course of the same collaboration, Laurent produced work (photographs) telling the story of the inhabitants’ daily lives and farming mission in spite of these adverse political and natural conditions.

In June 2019, Laurent will be exhibiting some of the above works at ‘Agri/Cultures Seed-Links’. This is a three-day exhibition at Svalbard Seed Vault, a global seed bank on a Norwegian island near the Arctic circle.  In its second year, the exhibition is a reflection on the relationship between agricultural and biological diversity. As part of this project, Laurent will be exhibiting photographs from ‘The Iraqi Seed Project’, a documentary project about agriculture & cultural autonomy in Northern Iraq. Laurent has been chosen to be one of nine artists from around the world selected to present work that reflects Svaldbard's mission to preserve seed diversity. The excursion has been made possible with funds secured by In The Frame.

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Julia Fraile and Ivan Pires

A student classical concert at the 1901 Arts Club in London, presented by Brazilian pianist Ivan Pires who will play Rachmaninoff and Chopin, against a backdrop of mixed media collage artworks created by emerging French artist Julia Fraile. The diversity of London through art and music, for one night only. Details to be disclosed.

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Evolve/ Involve

Join us for our second exhibition, taking place at the Exhibitionist Hotel and featuring four female artists exploring the themes of evolution, transformations, extinction and rebirth across five different media.

Agapanthus-praecox Anna Laurent.jpg

Image - (c) Anna Laurent, Agapanthus / Dispersal Series

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Our first exhibition took place at Sumarria Lunn Gallery, Mayfair. It featured artists Ra di Martino and Nedim Kufi in an exploration of 'the Other' viewed through different cultural perspectives and in diverse contexts.

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9:30 AM09:30

Paint A Coffee Sack For Harare

In Dubai, Raw Coffee’s beans are ethically sourced: Kim and Matt started their fairtrade roastery with the welfare of their African farmers and their families in mind. In The Frame collaborated with Raw and Jamaican London artist Amartey Golding in the painting of coffee sacks with spray paints, and in so doing, helping to raise money for a water generator for one of Raw’s coffee suppliers in Harare, Zimbabwe, where In The Frame travelled in 2012. The workshops brought Dubai workmen, residents - young and old - together for a cause: to support African coffee plantations and cooperatives.

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